GM bullish on e-pickup demand

The US OEM is confident on strengthening demand for electric versions of its Hummer and Silverado trucks

GM bullish on e-pickup demand
The Silverado EV is coming later this year

It is fair to say that the US market has not yet rushed to embrace the electric pickups on offer. Sales of GM’s Hummer EV and peer Ford’s F-150 Lightning have been subdued.

US EV pureplay Rivian does not split out its deliveries by model but, even if most of its sales are its R1T pick-up, just shy of 13,000 deliveries in Q2 is hardly earth-shattering. And all of these travails are against the backdrop of the start of production — albeit with notable vagueness on when it might be delivered in any volume — of the Cybertruck competitor from EV pureplay Tesla, for which its CEO Elon Musk says “demand is so far off the hook, you cannot even see the hook”.


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